Bread is closely connected with politics. A message from Slovenia

 Asian governments take care as not to export too much rice, since rice is staple food in Asia like bread is In Europe and the Danubian region. Namely, searching for Slovenian proverbs about bread we went to the Internet and discovered numerous hits related to the pair bread-politics. Duša Krmel.Umek et all: Bread and politics: chapter form the ethnology of Vitanje. “When bread has been consumed, farmers use their brains” said Ivan Oman, an ex -politician. “Not only bread but also language and memories would they like to take away from us.” “Vote for those who do not consider politics as simple earning bread”. “They are setting up games but have forgotten about bread”. “Bread of life. Why have they become politicians? “They are waiting for white bread to come back”. “White bread has been cancelled”. “Can politics be spread on a slice of bread?